Consistent Availability

Since D&G Seafoods gets the pick of our scallop landings our customers are guaranteed the most stable availability of high quality King Scallops in the UK.  Our small fleet of vessels have been equipped to cope with challenging weather conditions, which means our boats can be harvesting fresh, flavoursome scallops whilst many others remain in harbour.   Our direct wholesale customers benefit from knowing their orders are our priority regardless of how high the demand for product is.

Quality Assured Product

As one of Scotland’s most established specialist scallop fishing fleets our skippers know how to find the finest scallops, whatever the season.  We focus on King Scallops and we look for a catch that combines plump, firm flesh with a large, flavoursome roe.  All our King Scallops are hand cut by our experienced team within a few hours of landing.  They’re then cleaned and carefully packaged according to our customers’ wishes.

Excellent Customer Service

D&G Seafoods was launched in 2012 to provide a consistent supply of best quality King Scallops to our wholesale customers.  We are interested in developing long term partnerships with our customers in order that we can anticipate and meet their product needs by developing mutually beneficial supply agreements.  Naturally, a focus on customer service excellence is an important part of this.  Our sales team will work with you to develop a supply schedule.  If your requirement for King Scallops grows, you can rest assured that the volume of scallops landed by our fleet will be able to more than meet your needs.